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169 Horton Drive 10952 1-800-825-3376 845-356-8407 Fern Office Supplies

F - Friendly
- Efficient
R - Reliable
N - Next Day Service

ABOUT US: Fern Office Supplies serves businesses both large and small. It is owned and operated Pearl & Eli Landau who have been in the office supply business for over 35 years.

OUR SERVICES: We offer competitive prices, superior customer service, everyday low prices and fast delivery. Leveraging Fern's 30 years of experience, extensive distribution infrastructure and customer service expertise, Fern takes the cost and hassle out of running a business. Working hard to give you the very best, like answering your calls quickly…often before you even hear it ring, is just one of the many ways we take pride in how well we are here to serve you.

DISTRIBUTION: We have over 60 warehouses located all over the USA to serve you better and faster. From basic supplies, to printing, rubber stamps, contract supply services, and furniture layout (GIZA) and installation, we provide a full range of service your company deserves. As the total office supply solution, we give our customers what they need, when they need it!

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide small business owners the same low prices on office supplies previously enjoyed exclusively by large corporations. We are big enough to offer you nationwide services at competitive prices, and small enough to give you personalized individual service and a knowledgeable customer service staff.

MISSION STATEMENT: We may not be the biggest. We may not be the least expensive. We will simply be the best value around & enjoy the partnership with each and every customer.

Easy Ways to Shop:

Dedicated Customer Service:

  • We impress our customers so that they will buy again and again
  • We give higher priority to people than to tasks
  • We do it right the first time but "wow" our customers on recovery when we miss
  • We treat your budget like its ours, reviewing each order, offering substitutes where money saving is possible

Why You'll Love Us:

  • Fast Delivery! Next day delivery to over 50 cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Hollywood. Just order before 2 pm EST.
  • Free Delivery! Free delivery on most orders above $75. (For orders under $75, a small handling charge applies.) Most Complete Service! Hassle-free return privileges, online account history, complete delivery (virtually no backorders), and friendly customer service representatives to answer all your questions.

Superior than our competitors:

  • Faster & more reliable service
    • Knowledgeable staff that you can speak with instantly, just one call away
    • Dedicated customer service considerate of your budget and time
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